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Protection Geek - Better Protection Business

About Me

My name is Luke. Since 2005 I’ve worked in almost every part of the protection industry:

  • I founded one of the UK's largest life insurance lead generators
  • I launched one of the fastest growing protection brokerages
  • I built insurance products with one of the UK’s largest reinsurers
  • I overhauled the performance of one of the UK's leading medical screening businesses
  • I designed a virtual healthcare business providing policy value-adds for life customers
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"I approached Luke In July 2017 to lead the set up of a new non-advised telephony team at Cavendish Online. He has since been instrumental in defining and implementing the business plan, the processes and the culture required to build what is already proving to be an award-winning team; with less than 3% clawback on £1.8m of sales so far. He is not your typical consultant. He cares passionately about the companies he works with; expecting nothing but the best of himself and the teams he works with and builds. I couldn’t recommend his services highly enough!"

John Nelmes - Managing Director - Cavendish Online

"With experience across so many areas of the life industry, Luke is a rare breed. His experience of both the marketing and sales side of the business was invaluable to us in reviewing and developing our strategy. His ability to spot the best course and produce innovative solutions to problems is second to none. Put simply he is very good at what he does!"

Kelly Thomas - Head of Marketing - Vitality

What I Do

Sales Scripting & Processes

Most scripts are barely more than a few pages, which results in lack of control over your sales process. Drive better performance and lower clawback by implementing a bespoke script and industry-leading sales processes.

Sales Training

Without protection-specific sales training you’ll either sell very little, or find that if you do sell your clawback rates are too high.

Business Strategy

With experience in almost every part of the industry, it gives me a unique perspective on helping you develop a market-leading strategy.

Automation & Cross-Selling

Implement automated marketing and cross-selling techniques which can drive more than 10% additional revenue from your business at a minimal cost.

Analysis & Predictive Forecasting

Protection looks simple, but is a lot more complicated under the bonnet. Take advantage of some the most advanced protection sales analysis and forecasting strategies.

Public Speaking & Events

Having spoken at a number of industry events including Protection Review and the Cover Forum, I can usually raise the temperature in any room with my passionate perspective on the industry!


Implement protection-specific recruitment techniques that will help you avoid the biggest pitfalls and achieve consistent success from the people you hire.

Marketing & Distribution

Implement the online and offline techniques which lead to large scale, consistent volume of enquiries into your protection business.

Benefits To Your Business

Your business is more secure, your sales people earn more and you’ll have happy insurers.

Lower Clawback

  • Provide your customers with the understanding and options they need to make the right decision
  • They’ll be more likely to buy and keep their policy, which means better business for you

Increase Sales

  • Your customers are more likely to spend more when they trust the service your sales people provide
  • Drive conversion and commission through confident and effective selling of options, rather than just selling on the cheapest price

Get Compliant

  • Only with genuine control over the sales journey can you be sure your business is truly compliant
  • Ensure full compliance with FCA regulations and that your customer genuinely has made an informed decision

Are You Worried About Clawback?

Lack of control in the protection sales process can cause big problems.

Sales people: desperate to make sales

  • Lack the ability and confidence to run through the full range of options available or genuinely convince customers why they need protection
  • Sell mainly on price, which leads to lower average commissions
  • Can lead to deliberate non-disclosure to fraudulently achieve a sale with 'standard rate' underwriting

Customers: either don’t buy, or cancel

  • Don't buy because they don’t understand their options, the need for protection or simply don’t trust the salesperson
  • Cancel and clawback because they don’t understand the value of what they’ve bought, the choices they have made or feel they were “forced” into purchasing

Problems I Help With

Clawback Issues

The chances are that you’re in a constant battle to generate the sales you need to pay for your clawback from previous sales. We’ll work with you to take control of your business properly.

New Protection Companies

Prevent any potential problems occurring before they happen by implementing the most solid foundations to your sales team and processes.


  • Despite best intentions most distributors have very little control over their sales process bar a “script outline” and some key points to cover.
  • How detailed is their current script? How does their sales training ensure they sell QUALITY business, rather than just more business?
  • I’ll work with your distributors to either set a great foundation or to fix problems ASAP.